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Rationale for use of Comfy Elbow Splints:

  • Stabilize (immobilize) joints in a desired position to rest joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles or maintain a certain bone alignment
  • Prevent contracture or deformity
  • Prevent unwanted motion
  • Gradually stretch contracture to increase range of joint motion
  • Substitute lost muscle function
  • Maintain gains achieved by manipulation, corrective surgery or reconstructive procedures
  • Relieves pain
Static/Progressive Untitled document Our static and progressive splints do not have moving parts, and provide secure splinting to the desired areas.  These splints are often used to rest tissues or joints, provide external support, and gain or maintain strength and functionality.
Dynamic Untitled document Our dynamic splints provide a constant, gentle force towards flexion or extension as needed to the desired joints with the use of a goniometer or spring loaded goniometer.
All Elbow Products
Comfyprene Elbow Category #: E-CP HCPC Code #: L3762
Comfyprene Spring Loaded Goniometer Elbow Category #: ESG-CP HCPC Code #: E1800
Comfyprene Goniometer Elbow Category #: EG-CP HCPC Code #: L3760
Comfy Spring Loaded Goniometer Elbow Category #: SGE-101 HCPC Code #: E1800
Comfy Goniometer Elbow Category #: GE-101 HCPC Code #: L3760
Comfy Locking Elbow Category #: LE-101 HCPC Code #: L3760
Comfy Elbow Category #: E101 HCPC Code #: L3762

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