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Rationale for use of Comfy Elbow-Hand Orthosis:

The Comfy Elbow-Hand Orthosis is a comfortable, easy to use splint geared to decreasing elbow, as well as, wrist and hand deformity. It increases Range of Motion (ROM) and prevents Elbow, Wrist, MP, PIP, DIP and MCP contracture while prmotiong increased functional positioning. The absorbent terrycloth cover absorbs moisture, preventing skin breakdown.

This is a splint that takes the whole flexion synergy of the uuper extremity into account and works to decrease spasticity.
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Comfy Spring Loaded Goniometer Elbow-Hand Combination Category #: SGEH-101 HCPC Code #: Pending
Comfy Goniometer Elbow-Hand Combination Category #: GEH-101 HCPC Code #: Pending
Comfy Elbow-Hand Combination Orthosis Category #: EH-101 HCPC Code #: Pending

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