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Comfyprene™ Orthosis - Our slim line version of Comfy™ Splints

What makes a Comfyprene™ different from the Traditional Comfy™ Splints?

Instead of removable terrycloth covers, the Comfyprene™ splint inserts are covered with soft neoprene and headliner material, which creates a slim profile for everyday comfort. Splints are adjustable and re-adjustable using the Comfy™ patented reinforced spine. Straps may be positioned anywhere on the splint for optimal fit. Excellent for use after sports injuries, removal of casts, sports medicine or for arthritic patient's support of the weakened extremity. All Comfyprene™ Splints come standard with five attachable and removable hygiene liners. Unlike the traditional Comfy Splint, there are no removable covers on Comfyprene™ Splints.

Available in four color options: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple or Camouflage.

neoprene liners

Our OPH splint shown first in Comfyprene™ Camoflauge and next in Tradition Comfy Splint version. Notice the slim line, non-cover aspects of the Comfyprene™ splint.

camoflauge comfyprene™ vs. Traditional Comfyprene™ splint
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Comfyprene Cock-Up Hand
Comfyprene Cock-Up HandCategory #: HC-CPHCPC Code #: L3908
Comfyprene Contour Hand
Comfyprene Contour HandCategory #: HCO-CPHCPC Code #: Pending
Comfyprene Deviation Hand
Comfyprene Deviation HandCategory #: DH-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Dorsal Hand
Comfyprene Dorsal HandCategory #: DORSH-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Elbow
Comfyprene ElbowCategory #: E-CPHCPC Code #: L3762
Comfyprene Goniometer Elbow
Comfyprene Goniometer ElbowCategory #: EG-CPHCPC Code #: L3760
Comfyprene Hand-Thumb
Comfyprene Hand-ThumbCategory #: HT-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Hand-Wrist-Finger
Comfyprene Hand-Wrist-FingerCategory #: H-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Knee
Comfyprene KneeCategory #: K-CPHCPC Code #: L1836
Comfyprene Opposition Hand-Thumb
Comfyprene Opposition Hand-ThumbCategory #: OPH-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Pediatric Deviation Hand
Comfyprene Pediatric Deviation HandCategory #: DH-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Pediatric Elbow
Comfyprene Pediatric ElbowCategory #: E-CPHCPC Code #: L1836
Comfyprene Pediatric Goniometer Elbow
Comfyprene Pediatric Goniometer ElbowCategory #: EG-CPHCPC Code #:
Comfyprene Pediatric Goniometer Knee
Comfyprene Pediatric Goniometer KneeCategory #: KGHCPC Code #: L1832
Comfyprene Pediatric Hand-Thumb
Comfyprene Pediatric Hand-ThumbCategory #: HT-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Pediatric Hand-Wrist-Finger
Comfyprene Pediatric Hand-Wrist-FingerCategory #: H-CPHCPC Code #: L3807
Comfyprene Pediatric Knee Orthosis
Comfyprene Pediatric Knee OrthosisCategory #: K-CPHCPC Code #: L1836
Comfyprene Pediatric Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee
Comfyprene Pediatric Spring Loaded Goniometer KneeCategory #: KSGHCPC Code #: E1810
Comfyprene Separate Finger Hand
Comfyprene Separate Finger HandCategory #: HSF-CPHCPC Code #: L3807

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