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When to use a Comfy Splint™?

To Support – a joint or an arch in substitution for weak muscles. While supporting, the splint immobilizes or puts to rest a joint so that it can heal. To Position – involved joint into a correct or near optimal correct alignment. To Protect – weak muscles from being stretched and therefore prevent contractures.

Where to use a Comfy Splint™?

Hand Joints, Elbow Joints, Knee Joints, Ankle Foot Joints

Why a Comfy Splint™?

Comfy Splints™ offer: Multi-layer for softness New Dri-release® and FreshGuard® Terrycloth covers Custom Fit easily attained Patented reinforced spine New sizes available from infant to large adult Large selection of Static and Dynamic Splints

What is a Comfy Splint™?

Comfy Splints™ are pre-fabricated Splints, which are the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. Designed by Occupational Therapists and Physicians, their easy adjustability at multiple joints allows them to be used for multiple indications and deformities.
Comfy Videos

Untitled document Watch our instructional and informational videos to find out more about our product line! ▶ SEE MORE


Untitled document Therapeutic and functional, Hand Splints bring comfort to the orthosis process. ▶ SEE MORE


Elbow Splints stabilize joints in a desired position to maintain alignment


The Elbow/Hand Orthosis provides increased Range of Motion and functional positioning.▶ SEE MORE


Knee Splints rest the joints and substitute lost muscle


Untitled document Ankle/foot splints prevent pressure areas and unwanted motion. ▶ SEE MORE


Untitled document Pediatric splints bring the Comfy benifits to even the smallest wearers ▶ SEE MORE


Pet Splints are strong, adjustable, and padded. They are designed to bend to limb contour.▶ SEE MORE


These items provide assistance and safety for everyday activities.


Untitled document Comfyprene™ splint inserts are covered with soft neoprene and headliner material. ▶ SEE MORE

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