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Comfy Deviation Opposition Hand-Thumb
Comfy Deviation Opposition Hand-Thumb
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Comfy Deviation Opposition Hand-Thumb
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Comfy Deviation Opposition Hand-Thumb
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The Comfy Deviation Hand Orthosis has the extra thumb support features of our regular opposition thumb (OPH-101), with the addition of deviation to allow for medical and lateral wrist positioning. Thumb enclosure allows for MCP, PIP, and DIP joint positioning. Frame’s below the wrist swivel joint can be adjusted or locked in place with included hex wrench (easily stored under cover).
** Please note Headliner cover (main photo) comes with 5 point closure, Terrycloth cover comes with three standard straps** 
• Terrycloth or Headliner Cover
• Order Right or Left
• Pediatric Sizing Available

 Product Code and Size Chart
 SizeWrist to Tip of Middle Finger
Total Length
DOPH-101-Left/Right (Adult) 7" to 8"
 PDOPH-101-Left/Right (Pediatric Large) 4.5" to 6"
 PDOPH-101-Left/Right (Pediatric Medium) 3" to 4.5"
 PDOPH-101-Left/Right (Pediatric Small)
 2.5" to 3.5" 7"

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