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Comfy Goniometer Elbow
Comfy Goniometer Elbow
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Comfy Goniometer Elbow
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Product Code: GE-101 (Adult); GE-101-AS (Adult Small)

PGE-101-S/M/L (Pediatric)

The Comfy™ Goniometer Elbow Orthosis was designed by a team of therapists and engineers to increase elbow extension following CVA, surgery, injury or neurological complications. It is also excellent for individuals with strong flexor tone. The orthosis has the same benefits as serial casting and allows for progressive extension of the elbow in 10˚ increments, but does so in a comfortable, adjustable and removable splint form. The goniometer hinge allows one to set a range within which the elbow can flex and extend and it can also lock at a desired degree of extension. The Comfy™ Goniometer Elbow Orthosis comes with the soft and washable Dri-release® terry cloth cover.

The Comfy™ Goniometer Elbow Orthosis is indicated for patients with non-fixed contractures. A non-fixed contracture is any contracted joint that can be flexed  or extended. Elbow joint contractures are classified as below:

5-30 degrees = mild contracture

30-90 degrees = moderate contracture

90 degrees plus = severe contracture


 SizeElbow Crease Towards Wrist
Elbow Crease Towards Shoulder
Total Length
Circumference of Biceps
11" to 15"
 Adult Small
 5" 5" 10" 9" to 12"
 Pediatric Large
 4.5" 4.5" 9" 8" to 10"
 PediatricMedium 3.75" 3.75" 7.5" 6" to 8"
 Pediatric Small
 3.25" 3.25" 6.5" 4" to 6"


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