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Comfyprene Pediatric Hand-Thumb
Comfyprene Pediatric Hand-Thumb
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 Product Code: HT-101-CP-(Size)-(Color)

The Comfyprene™ Hand-Thumb Orthosis functions like the Comfy™ Hand-Thumb Orthosis, but has our new Comfyprene™ slim profile. it provides a unique way to support the hand, wrist, fingers and thumb without stretching the Thenar Eminence. Splint is excellent for patients with adducted thumbs.

 SizeWrist to Tip of Middle FingerTotal Length 
 Adult Large
 8" and Above 12.5"
 Adult7" to 8"
 Adult Small
 6" to 7"
 Pediatric Large
 4.5" to 6"
 Pediatric Medium 3" to 4.5"
 Pediatric Small
 2.5" to 3.5"



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