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Comfyprene Contour Hand
Comfyprene Contour Hand
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Comfyprene Contour Hand
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Comfyprene Contour Hand
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The Comfyprene Contour Hand Orthosis has unique side flaps hold wrist in place allowing for full hand contouring. C-bar and thumb support with included strap . 4 straps comes standard. Unique butterfly designed side straps hold wrist and forearm in place. Contours the whole hand, wrist and forearm .
**Available in Light Blue Color Only**
• Adult sizing only (fits most Adult Hands)
• Order Right or Left

Instead of removable terrycloth covers, the Comfyprene™ splint inserts are covered with soft neoprene and headliner material, which creates a slim profile for everyday comfort. Splints are adjustable and re-adjustable using the Comfy™ patented reinforced spine. Straps may be positioned anywhere on the splint for optimal fit. Excellent for use after sports injuries, removal of casts, sports medicine or for arthritic patient's support of the weakened extremity.

All Comfyprene™ Splints come standard with five attachable and removable hygiene liners.   Unlike the traditional Comfy Splint, there are no removable covers on Comfyprene™ Splints.


 Product Code and Size Chart
 SizeWrist to Tip of Middle Finnger Total Length
 HCO-101-CP-Adult-Light Blue
 7" and Above


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