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A splint is lightweight and adjustable. It is made from a firm material such as plastic or metal, and is usually applied to a single aspect of a limb.

Splints can be custom made to fit the intricate needs of an individual patient, or be pre-fabricated, with the ability to help the majority of patients. Comfy Splints are semi-adjustable, pre-fabricated splints that allow for customization to a large range of patients. Patients that suffer from strokes, arthritis, muscle weakness, neurological disorders, fractures, contractions or carpal tunnel syndrome can benefit greatly from the use of well-chosen splint.

Splints are usually categorized as static or dynamic. Static Splints have no moving parts and are used to provide support and immobilization of a body part, while dynamic splints use devices such as spring force to alter the range of passive motion of a joint or joints.

Comfy Splints are available in a variety of styles for the hand, knee, elbow and ankle/foot in both static and dynamic models. Comfy splints are available in adult and pediatric sizes.

What makes Comfy Splints superior?

  1. Comfy Splints can be bent at any joint and can be used to extend and flex MP, PIP and DIP Joints. All arm and leg cuffs are adjustable to attain a perfect patient-specific fit.
  2. Most Comfy Splints models are ambidextrous (used for right or left) and symmetrical. This helps prevent mistakes when ordering and makes it easy and foolproof to correctly fit.
  3. The patented reinforced spine allows for the splint to easily bend to the desired position and helps maintain that position against even strong resistance. You can always adjust and re-adjust the spine without fear of buckling or distortion. Comfy's soft, one piece covers are made from Dri-release padded terrycloth that wicks away moisture and helps prevent skin breakdown. The Dri-release material is also treated with Freshguard to help prevent odor. The foam lined straps stretch to accommodate fluctuations in edema without causing pressure. The covers are washable and use a zipper closure.
  4. The dynamic Comfy Goniometer Elbow and Knee, and Spring Goniometer Elbow and Knee, are double upright splints that have no joints on the sides of the extremity that can rub against the body and cause skin irritation breakdown.
  5. Lenjoy takes pride in its comfy splints, and quality control is carefully watched. We take responsibly for our product, and if there are any problems that are caused by our lack of quality we will immediately replace the product.
  6. Comfy splints are packaged in back pack bags that can be attached to a wheelchair, walker, bed-frame or even worn as a backpack. These bags can be used to keep the splint in place and clean when not being worn, or to help transport other personal belongings.
  7. Besides all of the above reasons, Comfy splints are the splints of choice because of the wide selection of splints for every joint that will address all of your splinting needs.

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