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The Comfy Splints that we received for our son, who is a 5-6 quadriplegic are truly great! Because of this injury, my son’s fingers are often in a tight closed fist. Thus, we were advised to use splints at night to help stretch his fingers. We tried generic splints and they did not fit correctly. They slipped off and did not administer adequate stretch.
We ordered a 4-strap hand wrist orthosis and are very satisfied. The splints are easy to put-on and do not slide-off during the night. The splints are adjustable so we were able to adjust them for optimal stretch. In addition, the cloth exterior is comfortable and washable. I would highly recommend the splints to anyone… they are the best on the market.

Cliff Heide

Customer from Phoenix, Arizona

As a therapist working in a LTC facility, I am continually impressed with the products your company makes. I starting using you spring loaded goniometer splints, and love how these dynamic splints provide graduated passive stretch. I’m already seeing a difference in my residents who have moderate to severe tone after only a few weeks of use. I put a spring loaded goniometer hand on one resident, and she has since stopped complaining of wrist pain- wonderful! Thanks again.

Luis Baldrrana

Customer from Connecticut

My mom’s skin is so sensitive and always breakdown, so I was really scared about putting a splint on her despite the need. The OT suggested Comfy splints saying they were gently and non-irritating. Boy was she right! No pressure points, soft to touch, and the splint is working. Love the material, and so does my mom. We appreciate your help and have recommended your company to friends of mine.

Sophia Zack


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